Freyja: Mythology of the Boar

The boar emblem used in the Kinloch arms could have its roots in a Viking Mythological boar, “Gullinbursti” a representation of the God Freyr, and in Hildisvíni (“battle pig”), the boar of the goddess Freya, and also mentioned in Beowulf as a figure of a boar worn in battle on the crest of a helmet.

Gullinbursti (meaning “Gold Mane” or “Golden Bristles”) is a boar in Norse mythology.

In Norse mythologyFreyja (/ˈfreɪə/Old Norse for “(the) Lady“) is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr. Freyja is the owner of the necklace Brísingamen, rides a chariot pulled by two cats, is accompanied by the boar Hildisvíni, and possesses a cloak of falcon feathers. 

Sýrsow[5]GylfaginningSkáldskaparmálNafnaþulurThe pig was an important symbol of the Vanir and sacrificial practices (blót) associated with the group, particularly in association with Freyja and her brother Freyr.[15]

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