Motto: Non Degener – Not Untrue

The Kinloch arms motto has been variously translated from being Honest, True, and Non-Degenerate. There’s some literary license required in how we read this but we prefer Honest, or Not Untrue. It reinforces the bedrock of the Kinloch clan believing in the strongest of defences, honor, bravery and even attack sharpened by being simply honest.

Other clans share this motto, notably Clan Wedderburn;

“The first person of the name of this clan on record in Scotland is Wautier de Wederburn who rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296.[2] The lands of Wederburn were in Berwickshire.[2] Other early references to the name are John de Wedderburn living in 1364 and William de Wedderburn who lived between 1426 and 1452.[2] The lands of Wedderburn however passed to the Clan Home at an early date.[2]

After the decline of the Wedderburns in the Scottish Borders the family seems to have settled in Forfarshire.[2] By 1400 there were four distinct yet closely related Wedderburn families who could be found in Dundee and Kingennie in Forfar.[2]