The “Disappearing Loch”, home of the Kinloch name

The name Kinloch comes from the name of the barony of Kinloch, which is located at what was the head of Rossie Loch in the parish of Collessie in Fife.” – but you won’t be able to find Rossie Loch now.

“The “Disappearing Loch” is an interesting story of how, over the generations, the Rossie Loch was drained to gain more pasture land. A manuscript Map by John Adair in 1684 shows the island in Rossie Loch and that from Herman Moll’s published Atlas in 1745 shows it somewhat reduced in size. The first known attempt to drain Rossie Loch was in 1635. Again it was partially drained in 1669, 1711 and in the 1720s and yet again in the 1740’s a process not successfully completed until the early part of the 19th Century by the Cheapes of Rossie and Johnstones of Lathrisk. This appears from a 1775 map by John Ainslie and that of Sharp, Greenwood, and Fowler in 1828.”

According to several family sources, Kinloch means “Head of the Loch”, but this may have been confused or conflated with the meaning of the name Rofsie which, “derives from the Gaelic word Ros meaning promontory – Rossie being at the head of Loch Rossie – until the 19th Century the largest body of freshwater in the historic Kingdom of Fife “abounding with Pykes and Perches”.” (Source)